2007 Honda CBR600RR Exhaust, Walkaround, Test Ride & Review

what’s up everyone so today we’re going to take a look at my personal 2007 onto cbr600rr if you guys enjoy this video be sure to give it a thumbs up click on that subscribe button down below like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram the cbr600rr comes with a four-stroke transverse four-cylinder engine this is measured at 599 CCS or 36.5 cubic inches it’s also a liquid cooled system as well this engine is paired to the 6-speed transmission first gear is one down neutrals halfway between first and second and yamaha r1 fairings then you up shift all the way to sixth on paper the 600 RR produces 118 horsepower at 13,500 rpm and 48.6 foot-pounds of torque at 11,000 250 rpm this bike is chained driven of course to the rear wheel the dry weight is at 345 pounds which means zero-to-sixty can happen as quick as 3.1 seconds depending on the skill level of the driver and the top speed on this bike is at 158 and a half miles per hour and the MPG on this bike can range between 40 and 50 miles per gallon depending on how you’re driving the bike and that’s off of a 4.8 gallon tank starting with the front end

it has a very clean yet aggressive look the left light is the headlight and that’s standard on all bikes and will be on when the vehicle is on the right side is your high beams the black wheels measure 17 inches front and rear wrapped in Michelin tires the front suspension is a 41 millimeter inverted Big Piston fork with spring preload rebound and compression ability with a front travel of 4.3 inches and the front brakes have two three ten millimeter 4-piston caliper discs the rear suspension is a unit Prolink single shock with spring preload rebound and compression ability as well the rear travel is 5.1 inches and the rear brake is a single to 20 millimeter one piston caliper disc and finishing off with the center mounted two brothers exhaust system and the clean looking aftermarket license plate holder an interesting fact that I wanted to mention in this video is what CBR stands for that’s crossbeam racer or city bike racer and then our R stands for race replicas so that’s pretty cool this bike is obviously designed after the track bike so that we can have a great handling and awesome looking bike out on the roads so the seat height of this bike is 32 point 3 inches it has a wheelbase of 53.9 and ground clearance of 5.3 inches and now with motorcycle fairings the key we’ll go ahead and take a look at the instrument panel on the CBR go ahead and insert the key turn it on you’ll see on the left side we have your fuel gauge you have the Select and reset that will go through your trip a trip B you can also use those to change your temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius as well as your miles per hour to kilometers per hour you see the tach in the center and then your digital speed on the right for your controls on the left hand you have your high beam switch your headlights will always remain on your turn signals which you can see appear at the front there you just push that in to turn them off and then your horn which is obviously very loud on the right side we have your engine kill switch so you’ll push this to start it up and then it’s electric start Oh also on this bike and I’m sure a lot of other bikes offer this shut the key off you push it down turn it to lock that way the handlebars are completely locked that makes it harder to take without the key now it’s time to take a look at the only storage offered on this bike it’s underneath the rear seat simply insert the key down here turn it left and you can pop off this upper section this is the aftermarket rear cowl of course you do have I do have the stock seat for it as well and

then you can see I have just enough space in here for all my insurance registration things and one tool so there’s not much space back here but you do have you know at least something to put things in alright so let’s go for a test drive now so I really like the way that the seating position is on this bike it’s not too you’re not too far hunched over it’s actually very comfortable even on long trips I did a long trip the other day r6 fairings you can just kind of extend yourself out just a little bit so it really is a comfortable bike the handling on this bike is excellent as well and the shifts are going to be as quick as you can shift anything I do have adjustable levers but that just makes it kind of a different range so I guess you can adjust how quick you want to shift but again just based on your skill level we got some good turns here is going to determine how quick how quickly you can shift this bike visibility is not really a concern or an issue since you’re not inside a closed space so visibility is going to be based on obviously the driver you know your head position where you’re looking so you need to look over your left shoulder for traffic your right shoulder for traffic as well it’s just basically wherever your eyes are located is how much visibility you’re going to have so the more you’re checking your mirrors and turning your head the better off you’re going to be another point I’ll mention about this bike is picking it up on the used market is relatively inexpensive for 2007 you’re looking anywhere between you know forty five hundred dollars and all the way up to six grand depending on

the year so relatively inexpensive to pick up a pretty good used bike I got this bike with 12,000 miles on it so I’m extremely happy with that with that mileage over the course of its life that means it really doesn’t have much riding on it which is good I know that this bike has been well maintained and serviced regularly as far as all the buttons go on the controls it’s not really hard to you know everything’s in a good spot I have hit the horn on accident before just because your thumb is right there and I have switched on the high beams but that’s just a matter of my hand position but other than that everything is super easy to use well I’m at the stoplight real quick I’ll go ahead and show you the adjustability hopefully you can see it just moving on this button on the lever here changes so r1 fairings you can see the clutch is very close now if I put it out to 6:00 it’s much farther away so just depending on on your skill level and your comfort as to how often you want to switch is when you would change that clutch it’s also the same on the brake as well ooh a nice 370 Nismo just went by and last up I’ll mention this power of the bike I am on a City Road right now but I’ll go ahead and show you a clip on some mountain roads this thing sounds incredible when you open it up so I hope you guys enjoyed that review of my 2007 Honda CBR 600 RR let me know in the comment section below if you’d like to see more bike reviews and also how to structure the video this is the first review of a bike that I’m doing so I’d like to get your feedback on things that I could do differently to improve on this video be sure to give this video the thumbs up click on that subscribe button down below like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram we’ll see you all next video

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