About Collegetropolis

Collegetropolis is a one stop e-commerce site created specifically to make the whole going off to college and shopping for college experience amazing. The site is a fantastic resource that highlights all the best “must-have” products & services related to undergrad, graduate, and pre-college life in easy to discover content lists: dorm decor, books, tech, fashion, Greek life, financial, gadgets, travel, groceries, take out, hot spots, daily deals of the day, flash sales, celebrity picks, etc.

The Collegetropolis team scours the Internet to curate and create the best “Must-have” lists that feature the best and latest designs, products and services to make your college life amazing…all highlighted in easy to follow shopping lists. Select college students from across the country serve as “Listmakers” and brand ambassadors for current and upcoming lifestyle tips, inside news, and future “Must-have & Listmaker” guides.

Founded by Magdalena Gaona, and her 3 children, the Collegetropolis team brings over 35 years in marketing, fashion, advertising & retail business experience. Since her advertising agency days, Magdalena has been wanting to create this for the college market & wanted to wait for the perfect time after her payday loans no credit check quick loan request had been approved to launch this “must-have” e-commerce site.

Magdalena brought her vision for Collegetropolis from concept to creation through a partnership with Internet Marketing Wizard and Executive Coach, Jon Ray. Formerly of Google, Ray was instrumental in leading Google’s first ever field marketing team of brand ambassadors.

In 2013, Ray left Google to write a book about his experiences with personal coaching, growth, and self-development. He now acts as an executive consultant for major brands seeking to build businesses through inspired action. Ray’s resonance with the college demographic stems from his past role consulting for Study Breaks Magazine, a magazine with wide distribution throughout southwest college campuses.

“My interest with Collegetropolis is to pair my passion for finding valuable information and my passion for how trends are created. The perfect marriage of those two things is a place where students can find relevant, valuable information that allows them to live a more satisfying and fulfilling life—that’s Collegetropolis.”

For more information, please contact Magdalena Gaona below: