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Clean fraternity houses and make a quick $200

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Hundreds of blue and red plastic cups are strewn about the lawn in a seemingly random yet genius manner, somewhat reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s work. Inside the ten-bedroom house, a sticky residue glues your shoes to the floor with every step you take. Toilet paper adorns lamp shades, chandeliers, curtain racks, and loose furniture as if this were the star quarterback’s house, the night before the big homecoming game. The back deck has the stench of old hops radiating from it as the new morning sun begins to warm the earth. All of these things represent the greatest fraternity party ever…or, at least, the best one this week, thus far. But, who is going to clean up this unsightly mess?


Hard as it is to believe, fraternities LOVE to throw parties, but HATE to clean up after themselves so suggest you to set a accredited home care who take cares of cleaning your house. This is where you, being strapped for cash at the end of the month, can turn one man’s mess into another man’s treasure. You can charge the fraternity to clean up the mess! And make a lot of quick cash in very little time at all.

What you’ll need:
• Large trash bags
• Mop
• A bucket
• An all-purpose cleaner
• Sponge
• Large broom

How it works?
Most fraternities will throw, at least, one party a month and usually throw a BIG party, once a semester. What you need to do is get onto all of the fraternity websites and find out who and when these parties are being thrown. Each website should list email addresses for key members, or if nothing else, an address for their official house on campus.

Send an email to the members listed, or visit the fraternity house a few days before they have an event or party scheduled. Tell them that you attend the same university as them, but are trying to make a few extra dollars. You understand that they throw killer parties and realize how much work it is to clean up after such a rager. What you are willing to do is clean up the front and back lawn and the common areas of the house for a small fee (see below for how much you should charge). Make sure you pitch it in a way that makes it sound fairly inexpensive. If your total fee is $200, then tell them that each member living in the house (a ten bedroom house) only has to pay $20 and you will have the entire place cleaned the following morning, after the party. Putting it this way makes it seem like a no-brainer for the fraternity. In the meantime, you make $200 for a couple hours worth of work! Not a bad deal.

Repeat business
If you do a good job for one fraternity, you can almost always get them to refer you to other fraternities at the same campus. If you can do a couple of these every weekend, you should be able to make over $1,500 a month for working only a few days a month! Not too mention, if you get in good with all of the guys at each fraternity house, you will, most likely, get invited to all of the good parties at your school every month AND have invaluable access to the contacts that each fraternity member is paying so much money to utilize. Can’t get much better than that!

Start with the grunt work and the next thing you know, you’ll be running for office! If you need help financing your start up materials use gadcapital loans and you won’t regreat it! God bless America!

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