College Life Presents UCLA

College Life Presents heads to your school

College Life Presents UCLAWhat makes college life so great? For millennia, explorers have scoured the globe for the elusive elixir that would allow them to live forever—the fountain of youth. But is there some kind of ticking time bomb that makes our youth, these beautiful years we’re all spending in college, something that must come to an end?

What if the magic elixir isn’t something you drink, but some perfect combination of experience? The dive bar your friends all frequent every Thursday night, the way strangers instantly become friends at tailgates, the camaraderie of painting school colors on your body, the frenzy of thousands of students all thinking about the future at the same time? What if youth isn’t your age, but the life experiences you have? Sound too esoteric? How does your college campus live up to the challenge of keeping you young forever?

College Life Presents is a web series that aims to answer that question by taking a good hard look at what exactly makes college campus life tick. What makes it great? What is the secret formula to pull that college youthfulness into the rest of our lives? Can it be done? College Life Presents showcases how college students are living across the country and what is different from campus to campus. It’s up to us to decide how and if we can take those snapshots with us when we leave, or borrow them at our own campus. Which campus is living life to the fullest? And more importantly, are you?

Traveling from campus to campus, College Life will highlight the soul and school spirit of university campuses by chatting with students about the things they feel are memorable. Vignette video snapshots into college life are then streamed online and made available to partners. The series is a great way for students to experience the lifestyle of a school, not just the curriculum. We wish there would have been something like this when we were applying to colleges, because it’s a great way to see a more multi-dimensional view of a school; what it’s like to live there for four years. The aspects of college life that the school brochure doesn’t talk about.

By showcasing the best of each campus, College Life Presents gives outside viewers an interesting tour of college life across the country, and flames those deep-seated school rivalries in just the right way. Who has the best students? The best food? The best sports team? The best  fire extinguisher safety check? The best mascot? The best alumni? The greatest diversity? Who’s living big, doing it right, and relishing in their youthfulness?

College Life gives you an objective viewpoint of each campus, you decide who’s doing it best. Their goal is to expand this program and create episodes for hundreds of different colleges around the nation and eventually the world.

Here is the pilot College Life episode (UCLA):

Want to see your college campus featured in an episode of College Life?

For inquiries please email:

What makes your college campus great?

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