Dartmouth Happy

Dartmouth students get happy and dance (including Brutus the horse!)

By now, we’ve all heard Pharrell Williams’ smash hit that swept the globe, Happy. In addition to multiple award-show performances that made Pharrell’s chapeau more famous than most pop stars, the video was also accompanied with the world’s first 24 hours music video.

Dartmouth students, Jake Gaba (producer), Yesuto Shaw (producer), and Jeremy Thibodeau (director) took it upon themselves to spread the positive vibes across the Dartmouth campus by rounding up 100 different students from all over campus to create their own dance spectacular of the song.

It seems that those happy lyrics have just the right amount of magic to get just about anyone to bust a move. The Dartmouth film crew was not only able to enroll one hundred of their dancing peers, but lured in a couple of professors, a brave administrator, and even a horse named Brutus.

The film team says, “Our goal with this video was to make everyone on campus feel happier and more like a community. We hope that no matter your feelings towards Dartmouth, you will still be able to watch our video and feel a little bit happier. Smiles beget smiles.”

At Collegetropolis, we love to see creative students take it upon themselves to use their art as a way to lift spirits across campus. And now, with nearly 100,000 views on YouTube, the video has spread to colleges across the nation. Bravo!

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