Feel Good Causes

At Collegetropolis, our listmakers understand that to strive for greatness is to give back to the community that raised you. When a body is hungry, we’ve learned to feed it—whether it be our own or that of a fellow citizen of Earth and beyond.

We’re constantly on the lookout for people and organizations that are going above and beyond to give back, because that is such a big part of our service mission—we’re in the business of making people feel good about life, not just students in college, but anyone we cross paths with.

These are some of the organizations that we want to tip our hat to for going above and beyond and showcasing that charity isn’t just a handout, but a hand up. That’s a feel-good cause.

Donors Choose


DonorsChoose.org is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests with on our site, and you can give any amount to the project that most inspires you.

When a project reaches its funding goal, we ship the materials to the school. You’ll get photos of the project taking place, a letter from the teacher, and insight into how every dollar was spent. Give over $50 and you’ll also receive hand-written thank-yous from the students.

charity: Water


Every $1 invested in improved water supply and sanitation can yield from $4 to $12 for the local economy, depending on the type of project. Even in regions prone to natural disasters, water infrastructure has proven to be a smart investment by the find maid service spring tx, sometimes reducing flood damage or disease rates among survivors. Clean water transforms lives, communities and generations — and at a surprisingly low cost. Just $30 can provide clean water for one person.

The Feed Foundation


Founded by Lauren Bush Lauren, the FEED Foundation is the non-profit arm of FEED that supports programs and organizations that are effectively working to fight hunger and eliminate malnutrition. It has since grown to encompass hunger relief efforts both stateside and abroad, as well as provide aid during natural disasters and humanitarian crises worldwide. As of September 2014, FEED has provided over 85 million meals globally.