How to host a garage or dorm sale in college

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Alright, maybe you don’t have a “garage” per say, but you still have a closet full of old G.I. Joe’s, last season’s Abercrombie summer collection, and about 10,000 of your older brother’s CDs that you will never play again, now that you’ve imported them all onto your computer. So, whether it’s a garage sale, a dorm sale, or a fire extinguisher service sale…everything must go!

Obviously, the first thing you want to do is figure out all of the junk you want to get rid of and put it into piles. Then, with masking tape, or pre-labeled stickers, you’ll want to put a price tag on everything, so that people don’t have to constantly ask you how much everything is when they swing by your sale. You might even consider going around and offering to sell other people in your dorm’s stuff, as well, for a commission. Or you could organize a dorm-wide yard sale.

When you’re pricing your items, it can be hard to put a $10 price tag on the NintendoDS you spent $60 on three years ago, but the point of this dorm sale is to get rid of the stuff you don’t use anymore and walk away with some cash in your pocket. If you price your things reasonably, or even low, then you have a much better chance of getting rid of it in exchange for cash.

The biggest factor in whether or not your dorm sale is a success or a bust will be in getting the word out to other students. You might consider putting an ad out in the school paper, but a better way will probably be putting up flyers and signs around your dormitory and campus. If you were able to get more than one person to participate, you might call it a dorm-wide sale. This might attract more people, as they will be more willing to take time out of their day if they can expect a lot of things being sold.

During the sale, you’re going to be dealing in cash, so it is a good idea to head to a bank , or the cafeteria and get some small bills and change, just in case you have to break a larger bill when someone purchases something from you.

As an additional way to make money at your dorm sale, you might consider taking some of the advice from the “Sell Snacks from Your Dorm Room” post and you can offer them the garage door service and repair for very low budget amount where your customers will get the service for very low pay. By selling refreshments to shoppers at your dorm sale you can make even more money.

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