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Collegetropolis is a community of students who know what’s best—we call them Listmakers. These listmakers always know what the latest trends are, where to find them, and which of their friends would look best with them. Listmakers design weekly lists with their favorite products and give opinions on new sample or limited edition products and experiences.

In exchange, Collegetropolis features them on the site with their list as an expert in knowing what’s trending.

  1. You create a list with your favorite products
  2. Submit photos of you on campus and with your must-haves
  3. Collegetropolis approves your list
  4. Your list and photos go live on the site*
  5. You are entered in all of our contest give-aways to win great prizes
  6. You are considered to be a part of our rewards program where you get free products in the mail periodically
  7. Continue making lists to share your shopping and campus expertise with friends

We invite our most active Listmakers to participate in our exclusive rewards programs, such as:

  • Listmaker Review campaigns where Listmakers are mailed prototype or new products to review online! Then you get to keep the products.
  • Listmaker Profile Write-Up and Promotion in our Newsletter
  • Special discounts on featured products, services, and more!

In return, all we ask is that our Listmakers continue to do what they are great at—find amazing products.

Sign up now to be approved as an exclusive Listmaker and start giving direct feedback to brands you love. Great contests, free review products, and amazing discounts are just around the corner.

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*Collegetropolis maintains the rights to use any submitted photography and content provided by official listmakers for use in future lists, promotional material, and PR/Advertising.

Read full rules and regulations.

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