Make $180 in an afternoon selling college calendars

Avg. Income Earned by Following this Post: $200+/month (if you’re focused, this can be a huge income opportunity)

You probably already know that everyone from firemen and Hooters girls to little league teams and PTA groups are notorious for using scantily clad men and women to sell a yearly calendar as part of their fund-raising efforts. What you might not have realized is that you can easily cash in and make money selling calendars, without ever having to spend any up front cash! is a service that allows you to create custom print products and then offer them up for sale. With Lulu, your photo calendar is completely customizable. Pick your photos, your starting month, your paper and your dates to highlight and create a calendar that shows off your personality. When you’re ready to sell, you can buy one calendar for your best friend, order 500 for you to sell, or make it available to the whole wide world on the Lulu Marketplace. You’ll be amazed how inexpensive printing can be! Lulu does all of the work and in return, you get 80-percent of every sale placed for your calendar. You even get to set your own price–Lulu makes it easy to see exactly how much (or little) it costs to produce your calendar and just as easy to decide how much you want to earn from each sale.

Using Lulu’s various themes and super simple design software, I was able to create my first Lulu calendar in under 10-minutes (of course, I already had the photos I wanted to use) and was ready to start selling it in the Lulu marketplace. Even better, Lulu allows you to choose how much profit you want to make off of each calendar you sell. Here’s the breakdown that I chose (again, all of this took less than 10 minutes):

Manufacturing Cost: $12.72
My Revenue: $6.00
Lulu: $1.50
Total Price: $20.22

How easy was that!? Can you see how powerful and how much money you could generate if you started creating calendars with your school’s theme or pictures from a particular event or organization function? The more creative you can get, the more calendars you will sell!

If you created a funny parody calendar for your school and sold just 10 copies a week, setting your Lulu Revenue at $10.00, that’s $100 a week for spending less than an hour creating ONE calendar and putting up a link. Now, think if you did the same for multiple events and organizations! You can see how only a few calendars could start to earn you thousands of dollars and this is before you even start to promote them.

The key is to create calendars around events and organizations that already have a high volume of traffic. If you can go to an organization that has a mailing list of 1,000 students and tell them that you will create a custom calendar for them, put it online for their members to purchase and then donate $5.00 for every sale, do you think they would be willing to send out the link to their email list? Of course, they would! There is practically no work involved on their part and infinite benefits. Now, let’s say 250 people from their email list purchase a calendar. That means that with a $10.00 Lulu revenue per sale, you just made $2,500! You promised to give half of that to the organization, so it’s a win-win! You made $1,250 and they made $1,250. Now, repeat this with other organizations in your school and you’ll find that sooner than later, you’ll be rolling in the dough. The next time you create a custom calendar, make sure you mark off an entire month because that’s when you’ll be going on your all-expenses paid cruise…or ski trip…or trip around Europe.

By putting in very little time, making a few phone calls and getting creative, you can make a lot of money selling calendars to students and organizations around your campus. Most of the time the organizations will already have pictures for you to use and you can get a list of their upcoming events and add them to the calendar. But, even if they don’t have pictures, you can offer to show up to one of their events (for a higher profit share) and take pictures for them! So, what are you waiting for? Start raking in money with your customized calendar business. No purchase necessary!

LAST RESORT OPTION (for those who are a little bit lazy): For those of you that just need a little bit of extra cash and don’t want to spend the time it takes to go around and contact organizations, you might try this:

When I did this the very first time, I too was lazy and didn’t want to put in all the effort it took to sell 1,000 calendars (which really isn’t that much effort, but I digress). So, what I did was create a calendar with pictures of my brother and myself, with captions of where we were in each picture and how much fun we had, etc. Then I sent out an email to everyone in my family, saying that I was testing out a new business model with print on demand and wanted to offer them the chance to see what my brother and I had been up to and at the same time, help me in my new business venture. Well, that’s all it took. Nearly, every member of my family purchased a calendar. They got a personalized keepsake from their beloved [son/nephew/cousin/etc.] and I made $180 in one afternoon. So, whether you go small scale or blow it up to monstrous, money-making proportions, there’s no reason you shouldn’t start making money with this idea, visit  now for more information on how you can finance your calendar business.

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