Make $40/hour painting house numbers on curbs

Avg. Income Earned by Following this Post: $100/day

It’s hard enough as it is to figure out which house is which (they’re all so poorly marked!), but toss a couple of dry martinis and a cab driver that doesn’t speak English into the mix and you may never get to that party you so desperately wanted to attend.

Having a well-marked house number is very important in our society. It affords people the convenience of having mail and packages delivered to the door, enables ordering take-out from local restaurants and pizza joints and gives a great frame of reference for those evenings when you want to get all of your friends over to the house for a round of pinochle.

So, how does all of this add up to you making some fast cash? Well, given the importance of a well-marked house number, you can put on your entrepreneur’s hat and get to work painting house numbers on curbs for cash.

What you’ll need:

  • All-weather Spray Paint (Black and White)
  • Backdrop Template
  • Cardboard Number Templates

How you make money?
Your approach to marketing your house number painting business will be very similar to some of the things I discussed in my post about marketing your lawn mowing services, so take a peak back at that post and refresh your memory.

When it comes to painting numbers on curbs, the process is pretty simple:

  • Approach home owner.
  • Tell home owner you are painting house numbers on curbs for only $10 and then share the benefits (see above) that a well-marked home offers
  • Mention that you have painted other houses in the area and offer photographs of those houses to instill confidence that you will do a good job.
  • Now, cut a rectangle hole into a piece of cardboard, roughly the size of a license plate. This will act as your background template. Hold or tape it to the curb (centered between the sidewalk or steps leading up to the house) and paint the stenciled hole white.
  • Once the white background paint dries, pull out your number templates (these can be purchased at any hardware store) and spray the house number on top of the white background in black (make sure you get the house number correct!!!).
  • This entire process should take less than ten minutes, but be sure to practice on some posterboard before you hit the streets.
  • Collect your cash and move to the next house.

I’ll have to admit. I, personally, have never used this method to earn any fast cash, but one of my friends was able to fund his entire trip to camp one summer, just by spending a few days spraying house numbers on curbs. When you think about it, you should be able to do, at least, four houses an hour (and probably a lot more if you pre-schedule many houses in a row).

Four houses x $10/each = $40/hour

The last time I checked, $40/hour was a lot more than the local McDonald’s was paying for burger flipping. And this allows you to get out in the sun and meet your neighbors! Talk to a representative at , get creative with your marketing like we did with our lawn mowing services and you’ll be able to make a ton of cash for very little effort. Now, go make a batch of margaritas and invite your friends over! When they ask where you live, just tell them your house number. They won’t be able to miss it!

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