Study Abroad/Beach Life Essentials

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Beach Life Essentials
You’re going to meet a lot of people, see a lot of things, and hopefully take your college experiences across many borders. I’d say the further you travel the better,  and don’t be afraid of exotic destinations either. You can study in a secluded place in South America or Asia. I had a friend who spent a year on beautiful Koh Samui island and, as you can guess, it was a magnificent experience. Remember that college isn’t just about getting that diploma, it’s a one in a lifetime opportunity to explore other cultures and finding your true self. Here is a list of what I consider essentials while studying abroad:

Study Abroad/Beach Life Essentials

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1. An Open Heart
2. Skinny Jean Boyfriend
3. Potted Wheat Grass
4. Chuck Taylor Classics
5. Red Lotus White Kimono
6. Eltamd UV Physical SPF 41, 85-Gram
7. Skin Trip
8. Kenra Professional Platinum Dry Shampoo
9. Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch Box Sets
10. Good Book Leather Journal, Flap-tie
11. Urbanears Plattan Stereo Headphones (Julep)
12. Gaiam Print Yoga Mats (3mm)

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