Your fan passion earns you money in college—how to build a fan site

Avg. Income Earned by Following this Post: The Sky is the Limit

Yes, we know about your closet shrine to Taylor Swift, fully equipped with Rolling Stone pictures and Subway commemorative cups. But, there’s no need to keep your giddy passion for all things Swifty to yourself. There’s a great big internet out there and other people just like you, goo-goo gag a over the Taylor Swift dynasty. Internet fan sites can be big money, especially if you get in before they jump the shark.

Steven Colbert of the Colbert Report is probably the most recent and best example of an internet fan site that has blown up to huge proportions. Currently the Colbert Nation is a million members strong and growing. Due in part to the massive amount of active members on the fan site, Stephen Colbert has had the man power to have a Hungarian bridge named after him and an ice cream flavor created in his honor. And that’s just the “official” fan site. Other sites like, Wikiality, The Truthiness Encyclopedia, and the No Fact Zone have HUGE followings, each selling banner advertising to capitalize on Stephen Colbert’s fame and ultimate rise to world domination.

The point is that YOU TOO can cash in on your celebrity crushes by creating a fan site in their honor. Making money from a fan site works in the same way as making money from a blog same thing applies if you visit check into cash near s west street, which we talked about in the previous post, “Blogging for Dollars.” The big difference between a fan site and your personal blog, though, is that by labeling it a [insert celebrity name] fan site, you are tapping into a built in marketplace with hundreds of thousands of other fans. If you post consistently with content relevant to your celebrity’s fans, then you can gain a huge following, make some extra cash selling advertising and you might even get the actual celebrity to endorse your fan site as the “official” fan site, making you that celebrities right hand man (or woman).

So, confess your undying love for that celebrity crush to the world and who knows, maybe you’ll be able to get a space shuttle named after them. Swifty to the Moon! Colbert for President!

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